Thursday, November 3, 2011

On 10-30-11 Councilman Craig S. Dunwell vandalizes his neighbor's hedges

Craig Dunwell has been instructed not to vandalize his neighbor's property.

Craig Dunwell insists on vandalizing his neighbor's hedges.

See the branches on the ground?

Councilman Dunwell hears the police have been notified and sneaks away.

Irony - Pohatcong's finest arrives to the scene and stands in front of Dunwell's campaign sign which boasts of Professional Leadership.

Councilman Dunwell is hiding in his mother's house.

How many tax dollars have been wasted on Craig Dunwell? The Pohatcong Police are constantly responding to calls due to his illegal and unethical actions. Dunwell is currently running for mayor on the Republican ticket, claiming he wants to help tax payers save money. Shouldn't Dunwell help Alpha save money by not harassing and vandalizing his neighbors?

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