Thursday, February 9, 2012

2/8/12 - Councilman Craig S. Dunwell harasses local daycare...again.

Alpha, New Jersey's councilman, Craig Dunwell, is well known for "not working a day in his life" as one local Alpha, NJ resident explained. In fact, Dunwell recently told friends that work is for fools.

Dunwell was also quoted commenting on - "Work for 8 hours" as you say, is the patter of the Global plantationist. These Corporation monstrosities would place everyone on some sophisticated type of plantation so you work your "8 hours" then go home to your cabin that "they provide you."

Craig Dunwell lives at his mother's home and seems to be supported by his wife. He spends his days verbally abusing Alpha's town employees as they work for their livings, providing excellent service to our town.

Dunwell is being taken to court for harassing Alpha residents. His main focus is the Crouse family and their small, private daycare.

On 2/8/12 Councilman Craig Dunwell was picked up by Councilman Mike Savary. At first it seemed Dunwell hoped to stash two bags of garbage into the passenger seat of Savary's car as he opened the door and began to place the bags inside. Then he had a change of heart, walked to his empty trash containers, placed the bags in the garbage instead and carried the can to the street. Next he got into the car and Savary slowly backed out into the street. Councilman Craig Dunwell was clearly spotted by five Seventh Avenue residents pointing his finger at the home of the Crouse family, photos below.

An hour or so later Savary pulled his car into Dunwell's mother's driveway again. Dunwell opened the passenger door but did not get out. Savary turned his headlights on and off. He slowly backed out of the driveway and drove in reverse down Seventh Avenue. Then he pulled up in front of the Crouse family's home and sat there as Dunwell and Savary stared at the house. A police report was filed within the hour. At this time 35+ police reports create a paper trail telling the story of Dunwell's harassment and violence acts aimed at local residents.

Alpha council works for us! File a complaint regarding Councilman Craig Dunwell's disturbing behavior. Call NJ state at 609-292-0479 and ask to speak with Eileen regarding unethical and possibly illegal actions.

To learn more about councilman Craig Dunwell, please visit the following sites:


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