Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Craig S. Dunwell abuses contractor and Alpha

Controversial councilman, Craig S. Dunwell, seems to be unemployed and has a lot of time on his hands. In fact, he has plenty of time to interrupt a very busy, hard-working contractor from Penn-Bower Inc. in order to ask him to take away yard waste for him...even thought the man is obviously in the middle of an important job for Alpha! 
Craig Dunwell wandered outdoors carrying his trash - some damaged yard pavers.

Dunwell spoke to the contractor and then began to load his trash into the contractor's trailer.  Neighbors watched in shock as Dunwell shook and stumbled, clearly unable to handle the pavers after a long morning and afternoon indoors, possibly drinking.

Dunwell glared at anyone who dared to view his unethical behavior.

Next Dunwell insisted that the busy contractor enter his mother's yard to collect countless loads of crumbling pavers.

Notice the contractor was properly dressed for the day's 39 degree weather? Dunwell did not require a coat, gloves or hat. Was Craig Dunwell wearing Magical Beer Warmth?
Dunwell is up for re-election this November. VOTE HIM OUT!

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