Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Alpha taxpayers want to be heard by council

Residents feel 5 council members are making terrible decisions that don't represent Alpha's best interests.

Here are letters written by two residents wishing for their voices to be heard:

"Fires can happen anytime anywhere, be it a small transformer fire, the school or even the Evergreen Apt. Complex, it could even be your home (in regards to council members). The question is will Alpha Fire be ready. Apparatus is technology and sometimes technology fails; especially if not upgraded. Sure Stewartsville, Huntington, Lopat and Pburg as well as many others can respond with their apparatus; but that is time wasted. By the time command gets on scene, assesses and calls for mutual aid up to 20 minutes may have passed. What if it was your home (to council members). The truth of the matter is, yeas Alphas truck may be in ok condition and I don't disagree its pricey, nor do I disagree that we can use other towns: but what if that town cant get out, what if they have an accident responding to our town. This can happen, wouldn't you (council) want to know we are safe and have the equipment needed to save a residents life, bet if it was one of your houses you would? Let's be real for a moment. While curbs may add a nice touch, a skate park may be great for kids: but what good is this when your municipal building is burning down cause someone accidentally left the lights on, or that apt. Complex with the 2 year old upstairs hiding under the bed. Put the taxpayers money to something we can all benefit from, a chance at a 2nd life, a slightly fire damaged home as opposed to a fully burnt down home, after all fire is not biased and may choose anyone, even you. Support 82 fire update their truck. Thank you."

"Dear Mayor and Council, I cannot attend the meeting this evening but would like to add my input. As for the sidewalks and curbs on 7th Ave., I believe it is wasting taxpayers' money. There are many roads in town that are aging and need repair. In the financial state the country is in right now, isn't it best to spend money on only what we need and not frivolous cosmetics? I also think our tax money would be better spent by helping the Fire Department have the best equipment we can obtain. After all, lives and property depend on our Fire Department. I don't think our lives depend on curbs and sidewalks where there has never been a need. Finally, to quote someone on council who spoke to the newspaper, "This isn't the big city". Isn't the big city where all the curbs and sidewalks are?"

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