Sunday, August 4, 2013

Craig Dunwell endangered children in 2011

Craig Dunwell is well known for his reckless driving. Two police departments have warned residents that they "look for him" when they believe he's been drinking.

Dunwell often drives dangerously when his neighbors are present and has been witnessed aiming his car at several people and children.

In 2011, Craig Dunwell passed a school bus on 7th Avenue while the STOP sign was in use. The STOP sign is to protect children who enter and exit the school bus while the bus is stopped on the street.

Craig Dunwell has no regard for safety, and does not care about the lives of children or neighbors, as he seems to hate everyone.

Alise Obrien - "When the bus stop sign is up you stop. Period. If not it's (a) $600, 6 month loss of license and 4 or 5 points off your license."

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