Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mike Savary to be replaced

When Mike Savary is finally forced to resign Councilman Harry Zikas Jr., will nominate 3 Democrats to replace Savary.

Tom Seiss, Travis Cortelyou and Tracy Grossman are running for town council this year. Zikas may select Grossman or Seiss as a nominee, as they are both Democrats. Cortelyou is a Republican, running as an Independent.

Two candidates must continue to run in the November election. Mike Schwar, who was appointed to replace Chris Pfefferle, is not trusted by our town, and his "re-election" would threaten attempts to fight corruption on council.

Craig Dunwell is also up for re-election, and residents are publicly sharing all the reasons why we must vote against him.

Stay strong, Alpha.

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